In order, myself trying to reasonably ask this account why they used uncredited art and refused to try to credit, them blowing off steam, me GIVING THEM LITERALLY ANY AND ALL SHORTCUTS TO NEW ART AND THE ARTISTS WHICH THEY BELONG TO FOR FUTURE CREDITED POSTING NEEDS, and them thusly ignoring everything I’ve tried communicating.

THEN, they deleted all the sources I put on the art (I literally typed “source at this site” and apparently that was rude and petty of me) and voiced their aggression loud and clear.

//heavy breathing


well now that person’s got a bad rep with most of the people in the fandom.

YOU GO missymoobelle FOR HELPING THE ARTISTS. BLESS YOU. and that girl needa go. can we squeeze out a name and shun her?

She literally said “if you ask me to give credit, most likely I will get pissed off and ignore you. If I ignore you it’s probably because you didn’t ask nicely or I didn’t steal DA photo”

She was asked nicley? You gave her sources…SHE FLAT OUT SAYS SHE’S NOT GONNA GIVE CREDIT. WTF.

She believes that if the artist doesn’t say anything to her that she is fine…so maybe the artist should say something?

That is not the case. Eisschirmchen has an Instagram, so she quite literally went on that account and in the comments said that some of the art was hers! And hipster.maka, knowing that she was the original artist, deleted her sourcing of her own artwork. :(

guys. Please stop. She doesn’t know any better. She has this question asked multiple times a day and she’s gotten tired of it. She has no idea who the artist is and doesn’t know how to credit them.. hipster.maka may come off rude but she’s a really nice person with a lot of hurt feeling right now.

xx arden

She was literally given the sources and was asked nicely to credit the artists. It’s not that hard to do, epically when someone has already provided the sources for you. But instead of doing so she responded rudely and deleted the comments and said she’s never going to source artists or their hard work.
Do you know how much legal trouble she can get into if the artists decide to press charges? A heck of a lot. And people were just trying to help and she blew up at them.
It’s her own fault and I’m sure that she does know better.

This girl was using my art, too. She blocked me so now I don’t know what’s going on and if she’s still using my art or not….

What I can’t believe is the attitude people are taking to this too. 

This better be worth it.
Me every Naruto chapter night.  (via madara-dancing-queen)
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*breathes heavily* 

only 3 more minichapters to finish, each about 1 k words, and I’m done twewybang 

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Why was the mushroom invited to the party?


Because he was a fungi


Why was he kicked out?

Don’t do it

There wasn’t mushroom

Get the fuck out


just a bunch of random starters from various sources (my spotify playlists, books, random commentary, tv shows and such). more under the cut!

  • ❝You swore that you would always love me.❞
  • ❝I was a fool to ever love you.
  • ❝There’s always a chance that at the next corner…


So I made a thing

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Of course this would be the one bus where the WiFi is shot

And I planned to finish twewybang too and it’s only on Google docs.



What if..? xD I don’t even know what to say about it…
maybe I’ll do more of this :P


all i want for christmas is you(r money)