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ahahaha this has been done a million times already




okay so i was watching the suite life of zack and cody episode where they make a commercial and i decided to call the Tipton’s number

and it’s a fucking sex chatline. 

i don’t believe you, I’m going to call it


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»The World Ends With You: Players

Happy 7th anniversary, TWEWY!

Naruto the Movie: The Last

The One Where Maka is Late


Took a break from resbang to write this. Dedicated to sandmancircus, because birthdays!

Consider this short fic a sequel to all the “Maka tells Soul she is pregnant” fics out there.

The day before her due date, Maka gathered all of her friends in her apartment. She thanked them for getting her through her pregnancy, and though she was beyond excited for the next part, the meister admitted that she was really going to miss being pregnant.

Eight days after her due date passed and no baby, she was groaning in the doctor’s office. Despite blasting the AC at home and wearing next to nothing, Maka could not escape the sweltering heat boiling beneath her skin. Worse yet, she was gassy. Really gassy.

“Soouul” she groaned. The meister was exhausted from waddling to the doctor’s office in 100 degree weather. Death City’s temperature and endless hills were not kind to pregnant people. “I have never felt so awful in my entire liiiiife.”

Soul, the father of the baby that refused to exit Maka’s uterus, was also feeling uncomfortable. “You know, we should ask the doctor if she even knows how to deliver a baby that’s half human, half pure evil.”

“Don’t joke like that,” Maka said. She fiddled with the loose shirt covering her rotund belly. “It’s only half evil until it’s out.”

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“Just think of me as—as a ketchup bottle,” Maka continued. “Sometimes, you just have to bang on the end so something can come out.”


Plot of HTTYD2 basically

Hiccup: I don't want to be chief, I wanna stay rebellious and let my hair flow in the wind as I glide through the air, Toothless firing plasma blasts into the sunset.
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then where the hell tHAT BITCH GOING



so word’s out.. i have been announced as the sole curator of the soundtrack for the next hunger games instalment, MOCKINGJAY - PART 1 (!!!) http://www.usatoday.com/story/life/music/2014/07/31/lorde-hunger-games-mockingjay-single-soundtrack/13404013/

to be at the helm of a project like this is easily the most responsibility i’ve ever had, and to me, that says something kind of amazing about the way the world is changing - a globally successful film franchise is allowing a teenager to run their shit. we are opening doors, we are moving walls. this makes me so insanely happy.

the first single from the soundtrack is a brand new song i wrote with joel. to use a really bad pun, it’s fire.

love you so much. thanks for all you’ve given me. can’t wait to tell you more.